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We specialize in consultancy services tailored for expansive ventures, with a distinct emphasis on integrated resorts. Our proficiency revolves around formulating winning frameworks that empower investors to not only optimize their initial investments but also thrive in the dynamic realm of managing diverse brands and business entities within a unified integrated resort framework.

Crafting Success in Integrated Resorts.


Our Mission

At Unan Hospitality, we are dedicated to shaping extraordinary experiences in the paradise of Maldives. As a premier partner for resort developers envisioning integrated venues of luxury, leisure, and innovation, our mission is to catalyze the transformation of dreams into reality.

Our Vision

To be the unrivaled catalyst of integrated resort development in Maldives, seamlessly blending natural beauty with cutting-edge facilities, elevating the guest experience to new heights using proven methodology.

Our Values

Redefining luxury and technology, setting new benchmarks in resort operations while fostering responsible practices for future generations. We empower synergy among stakeholders, uniting for success with uncompromising quality, ensuring unmatched distinction in our services.

Core Services



Our proven solutions have achieved remarkable results in the integrated resort environment of the Maldives. This setting integrates various resort brands, business units, retail spaces, a yacht marina, beach club, event facilities, and entertainment venues under a unified brand seamlessly. We provide a comprehensive solution tailored to align with your strategic objectives, extracting maximum returns from your integrated resort’s facets. Our approach allows for easy integration of new components as your business grows, ensuring continuous expansion.


Expert in Maldives. Our local know-how provides valuable insights at every stage of the process.


We design organizational structures that shapes winning teams. Business unit model is a proven methodology in Integrated resort domain.


Community Model we developed is at center piece of the integration plan. Not only it is cost efficient but also it is a profitable business unit on its own.


From turn key, IT solution, to consulting on specific areas of the operation. We have the right solutions that increase efficiency.


A Unique Destination

This top holiday spot boasts high ADR and luxurious one-island, one-resort concepts. Resorts have around 80-100 villas and offer F&B outlets, spas, and dive centers.

The Maldives presents diverse investment opportunities, from inhabited to artificial islands. We offer expert insights to help you choose the right location, considering transport accessibility. Operational resorts on sale allow for swift transformation through investment and rebranding. Contact us for the latest investment prospects in the Maldives.


Embarking on multi-resort investments under one destination umbrella offers cost advantages. Our expertise lies in harmonizing diverse brands, optimizing their potentials for your investment’s success. We negotiate with brands, devise marketing strategies, and secure long-term benefits. Think of your investment as an orchestra, with us as conductors realizing your vision.

Elevating Integrated Resorts to Excellence.

Brand Expression

Every brand should possess the capability to articulate its unique brand image and values. This, in turn, will draw in their specific clientele, generating diversity and variety

Core Policies

Establishing fundamental policies that are uniform throughout the entire Integrated Resort, irrespective of the Business Unit (BU) or brand, is imperative to cultivate a sense of cohesion and singularity

Optimizing Resources

To optimize costs and leverage the advantages inherent in large-scale operations, factors such as procurement, function clustering, and outsourcing must be carefully contemplated

& Sustainability

Needs to remain a key focus at all time. Cluster model and BU level management have to be adopt together.

& Consolidation

Setting up the right IT framework with adaptable solutions for multi-level analytics is vital. BU reporting should feed into ongoing opportunity assessment.

Unit Relationship

Teams from brands and BU’s should follow a unified tone to compete collectively, not internally.

Core Areas of Facility Management

When setting up an integrated resort, facility management is crucial. It benefits all brands and team members. So, it’s structured as a separate Business Unit, serving all resort businesses.

Community Model

Effective human resource management plays a key role in overcoming challenges in a multi-branded integrated resort.

Our community model builds successful teams under diverse brands, fostering a micro economy within the resort’s workforce. This aligns teams under the IR umbrella, and facility management cultivates a community spirit that shapes the resort’s identity.

MEET unan


Meet the Master

A. Tolga Unan

With three decades in global hospitality, Tolga embodies expertise, innovation, and charisma. A tenacious hotelier and captivating leader, he pushes boundaries, turning challenges into opportunities. Renowned for his determination and strategic vision, Tolga’s journey is a commitment to innovation and success.

innovation solutions


Tech-Powered Solutions

In technology solutions, we excel in managing large-scale operations with seamless IT integration for swift data access and performance comparison. Our tailored software suite interfaces with major Property Management Systems (PMS) to meet the unique needs of multi-brand integrated resorts. We streamline team management across entities and offer a turnkey solution with customized solutions for international hotel brands. Our extensive experience ensures excellence in dynamic resort environments.


Server Maintenance, Firewalls, Cabling, Wi-Fi Coverage, Data points, IT Infrastructure

Management Software

PMS, POS, Finance, Revenue Management, Reservations, Events Management, HR Procurement


Facility Management, Security Tracking
Transportation, Staff Movement, Access Control


By Your Side, Every Step

Our solution aligns with your goals, maximizing returns from every resort aspect. We seamlessly integrate new components for continuous growth.

Explore Our Methodology

Planning Phase

We collaborate closely with you to not only understand but also validate your visionary goals. Our team’s expertise extends to crunching the numbers and conducting a thorough analysis of various scenarios. This ensures that your investment aligns seamlessly with your ambitions, setting the groundwork for a successful journey ahead.

Development Phase

During the development stage, our support is multifaceted. We assist in strategic site selection, overseeing the coordination of design and development processes. Beyond this, we provide crucial procurement and IT support, guaranteeing a comprehensive approach that leaves no detail unattended.

Operational Phase

Now, our focus is on optimizing your resources for success across all sections. Drawing from our vast experience, we implement organizational structures that are tried and tested, ensuring smooth operations and optimal results. Our strategies are designed to make every aspect of your venture work in harmony, contributing to a thriving integrated resort ecosystem.


As your venture progresses, the consolidation phase comes into play. Here, we guide you through the process of measuring, adjusting, and improving. By identifying what works best within your integrated resort framework, we help you channel your efforts into areas of proven success. This strategic approach enables you to expand your business with confidence and multiply your achievements.

Asset Management

In the realm of asset management, we offer comprehensive solutions. We establish effective asset management systems that ensure your resources are utilized to their fullest potential. Our expertise extends to capex procurement advisory, providing you with the insights needed to make informed decisions that contribute to your venture’s sustained growth and success.


The Benefits of Choosing Unan

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